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Noahamin like nah'meaannnnn,
but pronounced no-HA-meen

She is an Art Director and Visual Artist that provides creative services in advertising and consulting.

She perseveres to create hopeful and visually compelling storytelling. Hailing originally from the metro Atlanta area, but with family roots in Ethiopia and Eritrea. From her identity to her experiences, she is a devoted lover of Afro-diasporic culture. She finds inspiration from her travels, and hopes to foster better connection with her community from those experiences. She is currently in-between cities of  Los Angeles, Atlanta and Brooklyn, NY to refine her talents. 

Her work follows under the ethos, “It’s how you fight the cynicism”.  It serves as her guide when creating social media campaigns and brand storytelling.

Clients and Collaborators
Circle, Meta (previously Facebook), AT&T, SoFi, Slug Global, Game Seven, Park Pictures, CultureCon, BET, Red Table Talk, Google, Walmart, Nickelodeon, and Princess Cruises.

AICP Awards - We The Culture
  • Sound Design, Winner

One Show  - We The Culture
  • Moving Image Craft, Direction - Series, Merit

Cannes - We The Culture: Kemba
  • Film Craft, Post-Production Sound Design, Shortlist

Clio Awards - We The Culture
  • Film Craft, Direction, Silver

We The Culture: Kemba
  • Film Craft, Sound Editing, Bronze

D&AD - We The Culture
  • Direction, Film, Shortlist
  • Sound Design & Use of Music, Audio Composition, Shortlist

Noahamin Taye
Nohameen LLC ︎

Nohameen LLC
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